From the mind of 3 creators and over 2 years hard work its finally here 'The Dick Deck'

The deck of all decks. All faces are custom designed including all of the pips, court cards, jokers and a custom double facer gaff.


Not only the cards but the box contains many secrets and hidden messages. 

Also includes the following features: 

Marked deck 

Animation deck (Imagine Cardtoon) 

One way Majority deck 

Colour divination deck 

Finished with a Linen Air finish that handle beautifully. 


Don't worry, we are not turning a dick into a glass can get them from other shops.

This is a set of 3 custom designed cards to put under any Poker size Omni deck for a fantastic reveal. Imagine dropping your omni deck only to land on top of your dick....Comedy gold!  Comes with full instructions & routines.

A classic take on the 'Denmark/Elephant' prediction effect.

After choosing a random number through a very fair process you predict a spectators chosen Location, Animal and Activity.....or do you?

With a bonus kicker ending this is not designed to impress anyone.

Comes with custom printed postcard.