Decide by Chris Webb

This is the cleanest prediction effect you will see to date.
One card shown openly from the beginning, the cards are dealt and with an extremely fair choice one card is chosen...the prediction and selection match perfectly.
With no knuckle busting moves and taught in great detail with extra handlings and ideas 'Decide' is a killer effect.
“I hate Chris Webb! He hasn’t put out something in ages, and when he does he opts to release a beast of an effect! What a practical and easy effect/routine/gimmick this is!! I HATE CHRIS WEBB”-Danny Weiser

“Decide is such a clean routine, I couldn’t decide which was better, Chris’s awesome routine or that everything you need comes ready to go out of the box!” – Ben Williams


“Decide is the perfect prediction for not only personal performance, but due to the nature of the reveal being in full view all the time, video and online too. So deceptive! Watched time and time again and still fooled!” – Steve Rowe

Comes complete with Instructional download, custom deck and box.

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