Ben Williams and Chris Webb are two of the UK magic scene's finest creators!
Each of them has an exceptional talent for dreaming up modern, off-beat,
commercial stunners that leave audiences utterly baffled!
With 'Williams & Webb vol.1' they have teamed up and turned out a fantastic
DVD release featuring EIGHT original creations that will leave you begging for more!
The thinking behind this new material is just incredible and many of these effects
could have been released individually as single trick products.

The Effects

You display a deck of cards which has a variety of numbers and letters written on the
backs of the cards - they are genuinely random and all the cards are shown to be different.
Your spectators FREELY THINK of ANY three cards from the spread deck.
Placed next to each other, the random digits on the back combine to form
a serial number which accurately matches the serial number on a bill
that has been in full view throughout! This will FOOL YOU BADLY!

You display two cards - a Joker and a Four of Diamonds - each of which has a large black cross
of electrical tape across its face. Your spectator holds the Four between his palms.
You then take the Joker and begin to change it, corner by corner, into the Four!
When the transformation is complete, your spectator now finds the Joker
between his palms! Chris will show you how to make the ingenious
gimmicks that make this visual feast of magic practically self working!

First a selected card vanishes from the deck and appears in your
pocket - a classic of magic! Then you tear a corner off the card and do it again -
this time the card appears in their pocket! Each time, the card is shown to be
completely gone from the deck. A well structured routine that is easy
to do but will aabsolutely FLOOR lay people!

A very cool gimmicked card that allows for the visual rise of an
out-jogged card from the bottom of the deck, right up to the top.

You freely show a Coca-Cola bottle (or any soft drink you choose) and hand it to a spectator
who then chooses a card. You then take the Coke bottle back and slowly
begin to smudge the ink on the label causing it to morph into the name
of the selected card! This is an AWESOME modern revelation - the disfigured
label looks GREAT and can be handed out and examined or even kept by the spectator!

As an explanation of how Ambitious Card works - you display a blank card with
an 'up' button on it. When it is 'pressed' you see the card visually rise up the edge of
the deck before finally popping into view on top of the deck! An awesomely visual
addition to any ACR!

Use voodoo to weirdly warp any plastic card in your wallet! Several variations are taught
including one where you push your thumb right into the card and another where you
fuze a borrowed coin right into the card!

A killer opening effect! You accidentally tear one of the tabs off of your card case so,
you magically re-attach it...HALF WAY DOWN THE SIDE OF THE BOX
- a good 2 inches away from where it should be! You then hand this amazing impossible
object to your spectators to examine! Talk about off-beat? This effect is
THE very definition of the term!

If you like off-beat, commercial magic that YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE!
Look no further than 'Williams & Web' vol.1.



A freely chosen card visually melts through the deck in a killer 3 phase routine each phase stronger than the last.

Phase 1 - the chosen card is places a few cards down from the top of the deck and with a wave it melts to the top.

Phase 2 - again the card is placed a few down from the top and with just a shake it melts to the top.

Phase 3 - for the final time the card is now placed half way down in the deck and with a shake it melts all the way to the top
and the spectator can examine and keep their chosen card.

What people are saying:

"Chris Webb's Vision is a beautifully crafted gimmick that allows the magician to perform hyper visual ambitious card moves
right under the spectators nose, I love this too much!" - Danny Weiser

This product will ship on the 1st of June 2016.

15 copies available for this first initial early batch.

Included are: - Custom hand made gimmick - A DVD with full explanations.

£13.99 + Free P&P in the U.K