Super Sense by Chris Webb

With 1 simple gimmick added to your deck you will be able to reveal information about cards as you wish.

 You will learn 3 ways to perform this,

Version 1 is a 3 phase routine. First you separate the colours, then identify a value then for the final phase you reveal a full card.

Version 2 is a straight up reveal of a chosen card.

Version 3 is a way to use this in a walk around setting.

 The clean up is built into all of the routines allowing you to freely handle the deck at the beginning and at the end. 


No marked decks/markings 
No stacks are used 
No Forces 


The gimmick is super easy to bring in and take out of your deck. 


The gimmick comes as a 'Red Bicycle Back' but can easily be transferred to any deck. 


Each Gimmick is hand made by Chris himself hence the limited amount of units for this release.  


Comes complete with Instructional download, custom gimmick ready to use and extra materials. 

£16.99 + £2 for UK shipping